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Fruit Machine

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MAME .170 Roms & CHDs


ROMS (full roms set) included

CHDs (full standard chd set) included

Laser CHDs Included

Hi Res Artwork included

Full Mame is now HDD only (portable usb by default)

ClrMameProAudited and now merged to save space.

MameUI 32 & 64, IVplayand all the Mame™ ports

Artwork including snaps samples PCBs etc

The HDD option includes bonus content and is plug and play for 32/64bit


HDD option inc everything!




MAME ™.170 Roms 9 DVDs

ROMS ONLY No CHDs or Laser Disk CHDs

A sensible choice of you dont have 480 GIG spare Mame lite contains 95% of the total games for mame and only the 380 plus CHD games are missing from 10500+ games.


For use with MameUI, IVplay and all the Mame™ ports

Artwork including snaps samples PCBs etc






Hard drive options

Fill a 1TB 2TB or 4TB drive with any set combination.

1 TB £135.00 €195$229

2 TB £160.00 €232$256

4 TB £210.00 €304$336


Click on the drive option you want then click on all the sets you want to add.

I will check it all fits and confirm back to you. (4.3 gig per dvd approx)

220 DVD per 1 TB approx



Mame™ .170 Laser Disk CHDs 20 DVDs

Laser Disk CHDs are big files (10-12 gig per game) 6 in Total

Firefox 3 DVDs £5/ Usvsthem 4 DVDs £6/ Cube Quest 3 DVDs £5/ Mach3 4 DVDs £6

Cliff Hanger 4 DVDs / £6 Cobra Command 4 DVDs £6

The full set fits onto 20 DVDs.

These can also be ordered individually from the request form.

Click Place order and then tick on the Laser chd you require.





Mame ™ Update .169 to .170 1 DVDs

These are the updated Roms and CHDs

Artwork & Screen shots is also included!







This is the full set for Kawaks 1.62 and Nebula 2.25b






Laser disk MPEGs, frame files and roms.

Plus my own walkthrough to help with the setup.

Full List





Sega Model 3 set 1 DVD

Latest full set of sega model 3 roms. Super Model 0.2

Its a new emulator so please visit the homepage for instructions and compatability.







NeomamePlus .95 1 DVD

A set of Neomameplus .95 roms.

Many of the newer NeoGeo games that dont work in Mame do in this version.

Inc Metal slug 5 and many others.







Future Pinball set 16 DVD

A collection of tables for use with Future Pinball 1.9.20081225

Easy to download yourself or grab here if you cant do that.

Great for pinball lovers

As with all our sets no software is included and must be obtained directly from the future creators directly.






Mess 163 set 1 DVD

A single DVD of mess 158 bios





Fruit Machine set 4 DVDs

4 DVDs of the latest Fruit Machine roms.

Latest upto date set

Fruit Machine Layouts - BFeMu
Fruit Machine Layouts - JPeMu
Fruit Machine Layouts - MFME
Fruit Machine Rollback
Fruit Machine Roms
Fruit Machine Roms - MPU5 Hexfiles
Fruit Machine Snapshots - BFeMu
Fruit Machine Snapshots - JPeMu
Fruit Machine Snapshots - MFME
SWP Machine Roms





Misfit Mame and AGEMame 1 DVD

1 DVD MisFit Mame contains all the roms not included in Mame for whatever reason. AgeMame covers the Fruit machines not included in Mame.Add on for Mame.





Mame™ For .36 - Handheld 1 DVD

A Single Disk containing Mame for GP32 GP2X PSP& GPwiz

I Love Handheld Mame and have the above Handhelds if you need any further information.


Now Updated to include Mame4All GP2X 1.4





Raine0.50.15/Zinc1.1/Final Burn Alpha v029728

3 DVDs and right upto date !

FBA now includes Megadrive

Some of the other emulators around.

I also have a set of NON MAME so please ask if interested





Sega Model 2 set 1 DVD

Latest full set of sega model 2 roms. Arcade classics like Daytona, Virtua cop and House of the dead.






Sega Naomi set 1 DVD

Latest full set of sega Naomi roms.

Sega NAOMI (New Arcade Operation Machine Idea) is the successor to the Sega Model 3 hardware.







Capcom System 3 CPS-3 set 1 DVD

The CP System III from Capcom. Ive been asked for this a few times so here is the set






NeoRagex 5.2 1 DVD

The complete set of roms for the NeoRagex emulator 1 DVD






Hyperspin set / Mame HDD 1TB

This HDD contains the full hyperspin experience.

It looks stunning.

(There is also a 5TB 126 system HDD available but mail me regarding that please.)

Systems included 1TB

Instructions included. If you need more info just ask.

Shipping will be confirmed depending on your location.

Although there is a mame set within hyperspin im including The latest Mame 165 set as well.





Taito Type X2 full set

The full set of Taito type x 2 on 9 DVDs

A new addition and a nice set if you like the genre.





Mame ™ .139 for Androd 6 DVDs

6 DVD set of roms for 0.139 Used by many android mame emulators






Mame ™ for PI 2 DVD

2 DVDS The image extracts to fill a 16GB SD card. Preconfigured PI.





Mame ™ .78 6 DVD

Often requested older set 6 DVDs

Roms and CHDS






Mame ™ .106 12 DVD

Often requested older set 12 DVDs

Roms and CHDs